About Us

BBeauty Blend is a group of talented Vancouver-based mobile artists from around the world specializing in hair and makeup. We give you the flexibility of location, time and service of your choice. Many of our unique hair and makeup styles are inspired by different cultures. From weddings, parties, Halloween, proms, modelling, photo shoots or just for those special moment memories. We have the perfect artist for you!

B Beauty Blend 是專為一群獨立化妝師們打造的平台,他們能提供多元的化妝技術,舉凡婚禮,party,攝影到Halloween,喪屍,或是隨便什麼時刻,都能幫你們到府完成,彈性到不行,也歡迎更多的獨立化妝師們加入!!